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Increasing Your Profits With AGMS!

View the Avant-Garde Merchant Video and discover how you can take advantage of their revolutionary products and innovative services!

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Iron Clad
Protection & PCI Compliance!

Make sure you and your company are protected! AGMS offers the most revolutionary PCI compliance in the industry!

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The One & Only Active Gift Card Program.

Why let your Gift and Loyalty program passively sit on your counter? This revolutionary program can show you an increase of up to 35% in revenue!

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A Revolutionary Concept In Merchant Support & Profit Innovation!

Soon there will be an organization that will allow small to medium size businesses to not only compete, but have an advantage over the national chains and conglomerates!

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National Superiority, Local Support!

There’s a reason why Avant-Garde is quickly becoming not only the best choice for your processing, but is rapidly proving to be the only choice!

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Keep Up To Date. Keep In Touch.

Stay informed with breaking news, innovative new products, and revolutionary new services that can help your business grow!

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